AM2320 Module

Since Origin / Contributor Maintainer Source
2016-02-14 Henk Vergonet Henk Vergonet am2320.c

This module provides access to the AM2320 humidity and temperature sensor, using the i2c interface.


Initializes the module and sets the pin configuration. Returns model, version, serial but is seams these where all zero on my model.


model, version, serial = am2320.init(sda, scl)


  • sda data pin
  • scl clock pin


  • model 16 bits number of model
  • version 8 bits version number
  • serial 32 bits serial number

Note: I have only observed values of 0 for all of these, maybe other sensors return more sensible readings.

Samples the sensor and returns the relative humidity in % and temperature in celsius, as an integer multiplied with 10.



  • relative humidity percentage multiplied with 10 (integer)
  • temperature in celcius multiplied with 10 (integer)


am2320.init(1, 2)
rh, t =
print(string.format("RH: %s%%", rh / 10))
print(string.format("Temperature: %s degrees C", t / 10))